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    When I think of the fruits of the land in Italy, I immediately think of a typical Italian market with amazing displays of fresh fruits, salads and vegetables.

    I think of lemon groves & vineyards. Grapes grow in abundance to make some of the most fantastic wines!  Lemons which make the most gorgeous Limoncello!

    I also think coffee, because whilst the beans are not grown in Italy; everything that happens to turn those little green beans into the most wonderful coffee take place in Italy.

    Coffee is such an important part of the Italian culture. Around 1570 coffee was introduced to Italy in Venice being one of the first European ports to import coffee beans.

    Italians today drink an average of 7 to 8 cups of coffee a day! Italy became world famous for coffee after the invention of the espresso machine at the end of the 19th century.

    From the sourcing of the coffee beans to the roasting, grinding and making the coffee are all art forms in Italy!  They are coffee aficionados!

    I adore the smell of the coffee bean and the gorgeous rich brown colour.  I love the smoothness and sensuous shape of the bean! The smell reminds me of my Grandmother and Mother making coffee in their stove top pots when I was a child.

    Our grape charms have a very special history! This is the Fiano grape. Grown in Roman times on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius and still grown in the region today.

    This infamous volcano once responsible for casting Pompeii – and its people – forever into stone, redeems itself today by giving a smoky saltiness to whites made from the Fiano grape.

    The Albertella’s come from Northern Italy, but I have huge affection and respect for the intrepid people of Campania and Sicily.

    From fresh squeezed limone on top of almost any dish to lemon flavoured desserts and more, lemoni are an essential part of Italian life. In Italy, the significance of limoni is brighter than their gorgeous bright, yellow colour.

    Walking through different regions and cities in Italy, you will often see bright, big limoni painted on ceramics, bottles of limoncello in every little store, and fruit stands filled with limoni the size of softballs. Though limoni grow in many parts of Italy, limoni in Italy are most often grown on the Amalfi Coast and in Sicily. While the Amalfi Coast is best known for its limoni, they are grown throughout Italy.

    Wherever we are in the world, however many generations later, we carry our heritage in our hearts including the wines and foods of our regions, passed down with our family stories from generation to generation.

    Wear a piece of history!

    Our Fruits of the Land Collection are all made in solid sterling silver with luxurious 24ct gold and 24ct rose gold plated options. You can wear them on our charm bracelets or bangles, as earrings or pendants – wear whilst enjoying the wine or the coffee!

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    • Lemon Charm – Small – Silver

    • Lemon Charm – Medium – Sterling Silver

    • Lemon Charm – Large – Sterling Silver

    • Lemon Charm – Small – Gold

    • Lemon Charm – Medium – Gold

    • Lemon Charm – Large – Gold

    • Small Coffee Bean Charm – Sterling Silver

    • Small Coffee Bean Charm – Rose Gold

    • Small Coffee Bean Charm – Gold

    • Medium Coffee Bean Charm – Sterling Silver

    • Medium Coffee Bean Charm – Rose Gold

    • Medium Coffee Bean Charm – Gold

    • Large Coffee Bean Charm – Sterling Silver

    • Large Coffee Bean Charm – Rose Gold

    • Large Coffee Bean Charm – Gold

    • Small Grape Charm – Sterling Silver

    • Small Grape Charm – Rose Gold

    • Small Grape Charm – Gold

    • Medium Grape Charm – Sterling Silver

    • Medium Grape Charm – Rose Gold

    • Medium Grape Charm – Gold

    • Large Grape Charm – Sterling Silver

    • Large Grape Charm – Rose Gold

    • Large Grape Charm – Gold


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